What is needle felting?

Needle felting is a method of sculpting wool by repeatedly poking it with a special barbed needle to interlock the wool fibres. The more you poke the wool, the more tangled and dense it becomes and you can essentially sculpt the wool into any shape you’d like, with as much or little detail as you want.

There are no patterns used in needle felting so everything I make is free form and each item is one-of- a-kind.

Do you take custom and personalised orders?

I am not taking any custom orders at the moment, but if any custom order spots open up in the future, I will announce via my mailing list. You can join my mailing list here.

Can I reserve or order an item that I saw on your social media?

Unfortunately, due to the number of requests I get and out of fairness, I am not able to reserve items or take made-to-order requests at this time. If my woolies are listed as sold out, that means they have found forever homes and I am probably busy working on the next batch of ready-to-ship items for a scheduled shop update. Each shop update usually includes small batches of different animals. I do keep note of animal suggestions on social media, so if lots of people request the same thing I try to incorporate them into my shop updates when I can. Feel free to send me your suggestions and I'll add them to my list. :)

You can join my mailing list for shop update announcements and sneak peeks, or follow me on Instagram @wildwhimsywoolies to see what animals I'm working on.

I had an item in my cart, but when I went to checkout it says the item is sold out. Why?

Shopify doesn't hold items that are placed in carts and orders are only confirmed once the checkout process is complete. The first to complete their transaction gets the item. I recommend using your computer over mobile and saving your checkout information in your browser to help you checkout faster.

Why is everything sold out?

I release small batches of ready-to-ship figurines once or twice a month. As needle felting is a very time-consuming and labour intensive process, I am only able to make a limited number of items at a time, so they do tend to sell out quickly. You can join my mailing list to be notified about dates and times of my shop updates so you don't miss your chance: https://signup.wildwhimsywoolies.com/newsletter.

Do you have any needle felting tutorials?

Check out my needle felting kits here: https://wildwhimsywoolies.com/collections/needle-felting-kits.

I'm from the EU/UK, why can't I buy from your shop? 

Due to the recent changes regarding VAT requirements, I am not able to take orders from the EU and the UK from my website at this time. However, you can still buy pins, keychains, stationery, etc. from my Etsy shop.

Do you sell wholesale?

A selection of my products are available for wholesale through Faire. You can find my catalog by signing up to Faire here.

Care Instructions

Although my needle felted animals may be appealing to small children, they are not intended as toys and are meant to be decorative collectible items. Small parts can be detached with rough handling, so please handle with care and keep out of reach of small children and pets.

If your woolie gets fuzzy over time, just trim any stray fibres. Do not pull them out.

If your woolies gets a bit dusty, clean gently with a dry cloth. Do not wash and avoid contact with moisture.

Gift wrapping

Please feel free to let me know in the notes section at checkout if you would like your order gift wrapped or would like to include a personal message with your order.

Environmental Commitment

I am committed to environmental sustainability and am always striving to make my business greener. Whenever possible, I choose to make products that use sustainable, renewable materials. The mailers I use are either made of recycled content and/or are recyclable. Paper inserts, filler and tissue paper are either made of recycled or FSC-certified content. My shipping labels are fully recyclable with a recycle-friendly adhesive and release liners that are 100% recycled. I also use paper tape which is also recyclable.

I will be be retiring the use of bubble mailers once I use up my old ones to further reduce plastic use and have switched from using cellophane bags to biodegradable/compostable ones.