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Washi Tape Set: Choose 5 Animal Washi Tapes

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This set of 5 washi tapes is perfect for decorating presents, scrapbooks, bullet journals, planners, diaries, cards, invitations, paper crafts, and more! The illustrations are based on my original needle felted animal designs.

Printed on washi paper, these tapes can be taken off and reapplied without leaving a sticky residue behind, and can be written on.

This washi tape set would make a perfect gift for animal lovers and stationery addicts!


  • This listing is for a set of 5 washi tapes of your choosing
  • Each tape is 15 mm (0.6") wide x 10 meters (32.8 ft) long
  • Comes packaged in a cute paper box

Please list your choice of 5 washi tapes at checkout, from the options below:

1. Fruit Sloths
2. Strawberry Sloths
3. Pineapple Sloths
4. Avocado Sloths
5. Unicorns
6. Lotus Flower Frogs
7. Woodland Animals
8. Mushroom Frogs
9. Cows
10. Sea Bunnies
11. Bunny Blooms
12. Alpacas / Llamas
13. Cats (SOLD OUT, sorry)


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